Your state of health can affect your work performance, which in turn can affect your ability to prevent injuries at your workplace. You may unknowingly also place your co-workers at risk. So set aside time to care for your own health. Don’t ignore your body’s health signals at and off work, and take steps to address them. Learn how you can manage and improve your health right here, right now.


Don’t be still like a stone sculpture, tired like a zombie or sick like a walking tissue box.
Take part in this quiz to find out which aspects of your health you could be neglecting that can lead to injuries at work. Share your persona at the end of the quiz with your co-workers and friends on Facebook!
Disclaimer: Please note that this is a fun quiz to help identify some of your possible unhealthy habits, and to offer some tips to help manage your health and improve your lifestyle habits. It is not an official medical or diagnostic test. If you do seek professional advice, please consult your company/family doctor or nutritionist on how you can improve or manage your health in general.

3 WAYS TO Stay Healthier and Safer at Work

Do you realise that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to being safer at your workplace?
So stop neglecting your health and start to take time to:
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