3 Ways to Stay Healthier
and Safer at Work

Rest & Recover
Do you know that overworking can lead to not just physical fatigue but also lack of focus? When you’re feeling tired from working outdoors in the heat, please stop work, drink enough water and rest in a shady area. Short breaks also help you to stay alert, gain perspective and make the right decisions, so that you can avoid any mishaps and accidents.
Are you getting enough hydration while at work? The daily recommendation for water intake is 7-8 glasses, depending on how thirsty you are. If you’re dehydrated, it can cause problems like headaches, fatigue and lapses in concentration, which can put you at risk whether you’re working at height or operating machinery.
If you’re sleeping less than 7 hours regularly, you may be prone to these health problems: weight gain, weakened immune system, slower reaction times and compromised accuracy which may increase your risk for injury at your workplace5.
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