Rest & Recover


By ensuring that your employees have enough rest and breaks during working hours, you can expect your workforce to stay alert, make the right decisions and avoid mishaps and accidents. A well-rested workforce can help reduce overall healthcare cost to your company.
Stronger immune systems and are less likely to suffer from illnesses
Better focus at work that will boost their productivity
Fewer lapses in concentration which lead to fewer work accidents

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Train supervisors to educate their workers on identifying symptoms of dehydration during interactions with other workers and observe prevailing safe management measures in the current COVID-19 situation
Empower supervisors to reassign the work of workers who show signs of inadequate sleep or lack of alertness
Educate workers on the impact and benefits of sufficient sleep
Schedule regular breaks to help workers reduce their physical fatigue and stay alert
Provide workers with a proper rest area
Offer easy access to clean hot/cold drinking water