Manage Your Health


Unlock a more positive well-being for your employees with some health management practices. By simply providing regular health screenings, health surveys and more, you are able to raise job satisfaction and enhance work-life balance at the workplace.
7.4x more likely to be satisfied with current job2
4.4x more likely to be proud to work for company3
1.7x more likely to report work-life balance4
2 3 4 Chia, S. E., Lim Wah, J., Judy, K. S. G., Yoong, J., Lim, R. B. T., & Chia, K. S. (2015). A Study on the Comprehensive and Integrated Workplace Safety and Health Services in Singapore. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 57(9), 958-964.
Offer subsidised or complimentary health screenings or advise your employees to run a quick self-check and get basic advice on screening recommendations here.
Offer online health coaching to employees so that they are aware about their health results and can take steps to improve their dietary and lifestyle habits
Train supervisors to communicate via employee engagement sessions in person or through teleconferencing on the following messages:

If you don’t feel well, stop work.

If you have any of the below symptoms, stop what you are doing in a safe manner and seek help immediately:

  • Sudden giddiness
  • Wanting to faint
  • Blurring of vision
  • Unexplained cold sweats
  • Sudden severe chest or abdominal pain
  • Unexplained breathlessness or difficulty in breathing
    Educate workers who are carrying out safety-critical activities on the risk they may pose to those around them when they:

    • Faint or black out
    • Are unable to see or hear
    • Suffer a fit, asthma attack, heart attack or stroke
    Encourage these workers to alert their supervisors if they have underlying health conditions that could compromise the safety of themselves or others, so that everyone can watch over one another to stay safe.
    Build trust with employees by:

    • Explaining what steps the company would take when such health conditions are declared e.g. make arrangements for workers to take on non-safety critical tasks, or give workers time to take medication, and keep a lookout for them

    • Ensuring and assuring confidentiality of the medical condition that the employee shared, so that trust between the employer and employee can be maintained
    Encourage employees to try out iWorkHealth survey, a web-based self-administered tool that helps identify workplace stressors.

    • Employees will receive an individual report about their work stressors

    • Assure employees that answers are confidential and only an aggregated anonymised report is available to the company
    Refer to recommendations in the aggregated iWorkHealth report to manage stressors within the company.

    Find out more about iWorkHealth here.