Saves Lives

Reporting Saves Lives

Staying safe at the workplace should be our utmost priority – follow safe work procedures and report any unsafe situations at your workplace. Employers must build a culture of trust and empower workers to co-create safer and healthier workplaces, while employees are called upon to embrace safe work practices and speak up upon seeing unsafe situations, because ultimately, “Reporting Saves Lives”.

How would five good friends follow safe work procedures to avoid mishaps?

Watch how this brotherhood of co-workers trumps adversity as they look out for each other and show us the life-changing impact of reporting to keep themselves safe.
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For Employers

Your workers are the lifeblood in sustaining businesses. You play a key role in ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for them and shaping a positive mindset towards the reporting of unsafe situations.

For Employees

Embracing safe work procedures and speaking up about safety hazards that you spot at your workplace can save a life. Find out how you can report an unsafe situation at your workplace.

For Members of the Public

Everyone deserves safe workplaces so that they may go home safe and sound to their loved ones. Learn how you can help protect workers and encourage a safe workplace culture by reporting unsafe situations you see at workplaces.

Report unsafe situations online

If you spot any unsafe situations, provide us with as many details as possible, including location, date, and time of the incident. This will enable us to address the issue promptly and effectively.