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Watch our Campaign video to find out how a worker shows care for his co-workers by keeping a lookout for workplace risks and reporting them immediately to his supervisor. Find out how the employer reminds his employees to work together in making their workplace safe for everyone.

For Employers

Your workers are the lifeblood in sustaining businesses. You play a key role in ensuring that they thrive. Set up an internal reporting system to prevent incidents and keep your workers safe and healthy.

For Employees

Speaking up about safety hazards that you spot at your workplace can save a life. Find out how you can report an unsafe situation at your workplace.

For Members of the Public

Everyone deserves safe workplaces and the assurance of going home safe and sound. Learn how you can be a part of this journey to keep everyone safe and healthy at the workplace.

Report unsafe situations online

If you spot any unsafe situations, please provide us with as many details as possible, including the location and specifics of the safety lapses. This will enable us to address the issue effectively.

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