3 Ways to Stay Healthier and Safer at Work

Do you realise that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to being safer at your workplace?
So stop neglecting your health and click to find out more about how you can:

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Workplace Safety and Health Kits

Download the Employer’s Kit which will help you to take steps in improving your employees’ health at work and adopt approaches in enhancing their well-being through disease and lifestyle management. You can also download the Care Kit for Employees which comprises educational health messages, suggested actions to improve health, and other useful resources. Share the Care Kit with your employees to get them to begin their journey to improving and managing their health at work. Start right now in creating a healthy workforce for your business.

Employer’s Kit
Employer’s Kit
Care Kit For Employee
Care Kit For Employees
Get Your Employees to Know Themselves Better

Encourage your employees to take part in the persona quiz to find out which aspects of their health they could be neglecting that can lead to injuries at work. Make this your company’s in-house WSH Campaign activity. And encourage your employees to share their persona at the end of the quiz with their supervisors and co-workers. But most importantly, just have fun!

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